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Canada: le directeur de l'Institut de Civilisation Islamique inculpé pour avoir kidnappé un enfant

Lu sut FrontPageMag: du 10 février (extrait)


"Chiheb Battikh is many things. He is listed as the head of the Education Department for the Muslim Association of Canada, on its Springs of Knowledge website and as the Director of the Canadian Institute of Islamic Civilization (Montreal chapter). The CIIIC appears to be a project of the MAC.

The Muslim Association of Canada has been described as an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood and on his Twitter account,Chiheb Battikh follows Tariq Ramadan.

Among all his other good work, Chiheb Battikh is also allegedly the man who tried to kidnap a 3-year-old boy for ransom.

"Yesterday, at about 4 p.m., police received several 911 calls about a fight in a park on Côte-Sainte-Catherine Road between Outremont Avenue and Wiseman Avenue.

Police said Battikh tried to abduct a 3-year-old boy who was walking with his father in François-Xavier-Garneau park.

Police said the attacker managed to run a few metres with the child before the father intercepted him with the help of a passerby.

Prosecutor Sylvie Lemieux said the arrest was made following a statement he made to police. She said Battikh had been planning the event for weeks. “It was calculated, he searched the internet to find the ideal victim,” she said.

The man was planning to demand a substantial ransom in exchange for the child’s release, Lemieux said.

It’s unfortunate that Sylvie insists on being so bigoted and narrow-minded. Kidnapping for ransom is a time-honored tradition in Islamic civilization. Al Qaeda in North Africa has been largely funded by such kidnappings."

A year ago, Chiheb Battikh had denounced restrictions on Hijabs for Muslim soccer players.

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