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23 septembre 2011 | Suisse

Le Conseil islamique de Suisse déplore l’interdiction de la burqa…

GENEVA, Sept 29- Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) —

« The Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (ICCS) Thursday expressed its deep concern about the accord reached by the Swiss Federal Parliament on a ban of the Niqab by a majority of 101 to 77 votes. The ban was proposed by the right wing Swiss Peoples Party (known as SVP).

Speaking to the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), the Islamic Central Council’s spokesman, Qaasim Illi, expressed hops that, « the Council of States would be rational and correct the National Council’s failings just as they had rejected a similar attempt by the representatives of the State of Aargau northern of Switzerland. » He further outlined that what causes uneasiness about the National Council’s decision was the impression given by the legislators that Islam was rejected by the Swiss society, Muslims were not welcomed and that this political trend was on the rise among the Swiss.(…) According to the ICCS, Muslim women are mostly affected by Islamophobia specifically those who face difficulties for wearing the Islamic head scarf-hijab in some public schools or when trying to find a job. These women often get confronted with verbal attacks whilst trying to adhere to the Islamic dress code.

The draft resolution aims at banning all kinds of face covering in public transportation, public service offices and at demonstrations. An exception is being made for the annual carnivals, which allow for different masks and other forms of face coverings as part of the Swiss tradition. » dépêche intégrale